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The technology world turns on a dime. 2020 proved that, unequivocally. At GlendaleBizz, we offer solutions that allow day-to-day tasks and remote work to happen better and faster than ever before.

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Don’t buy the occasional story that you read detailing an app that was built in a day and making money the next. This is only true one out of a million attempts. Mobile app projects take time. They also need time for stakeholders to consider the different functionality, business requirements, and revenue/operational goals that drive the project. Bottom line — the app must be employed and customer-centric, fast, and secure. At GlendaleBizz, we make sure you have these minimum requirements, and so much more.

Work Process

Work Process

Our app development team will guide you through the many facets of a project which can vary greatly according to each individual project. Every project undergoes a clearly defined process to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.

Concept & Design

In the construction trades, nothing happens without a complete set of blueprints, take-offs, schematics, and a host of other details. Web, mobile, and software are no different, but in the case of web and mobile software development, what you need is the UX/UI architecture that yields the SOW's, MSD's, DRP's and wireframes required to build your technology correctly. Only when you have these do you have a ready-to-develop concept.

Requirements Analysis

Whether for web, mobile, or software, a well-defined set of requirements achieve three objectives. First, it defines the work that will be completed. Second, it helps stakeholders tackle and decide how the software solution should actually work. Third, it provides a post-development roadmap of whether the business requirements were met, this to determine the requirements path forward.

Application Development

Programming is so much more than just coding. Not only do you need the right skill sets in programmers, but you also need project managers who know how to advance coding quickly and correctly... a not so easy task for many projects. When complete, the source code must also be properly tested. This includes cross-verification work, rigid QA and UAT, as well as user sign-off. Only when all of these are complete will your source code be ready for "prod" release.

Publishing on Google Play and Apple Store

Applications and hosting. Post testing and sign-off, the final stage of the project involve submitting the required applications to the Google Play and Apple Store. While the approval process is underway, we help prepare the site for its eventual hosting. For many of our projects, we use Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rackspace, Hostway, and several smaller platforms. Based on your business goals and budget, we will work with you and your stakeholders to identify the best solution for your business, and then we'll execute a strategy that performs.

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The Right Approach to Mobile Development

At GlendaleBizz, your goals are top-of-mind, from day one, to the day of release. GlendaleBizz provides expert programmers, project managers and senior software/mobile architects for every project, and we take a holistic approach to your project, from sourcing the right domain to deciding which cross-platform works best for your project, whether developing for native on the different platforms, or using cross-platform integrators for web-forms, such as Xamarin, Flutter, React, or any number of a dozen popular platforms. Whichever platform you decide, you’ll already be ahead of the curve when choosing GlendaleBizz for your project.



When you combine the right development approach with the right set of requirements, the result is a success story worth sharing.



When you understand the psychographic profile of your audience, how you design your solution becomes effortless.



It's not one step... it's six; Design, Programming, Testing, QA, UAT, and release. When all six are complete, you have a solution ready for the market.


Mobile App Testing

At GlendaleBizz, we offer the best testing and bug/fix/tracking system available in the marketplace.

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