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GlendaleBizz is your company’s best source for mobile. We are your first choice mobile app development company, serving Glendale, Maricopa County, Arizona, and the entire nation. We offer superlative mobile app development services to small businesses with up to 200 employees, along with capitalized start-ups.

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At GlendaleBizz, we are continually researching and sourcing the latest and best technology tools for mobile app development.


Using our state-of-the-art design and development processes, employees, customers, and management across your entire enterprise will be able to do their jobs more efficiently, with better results… and today more than ever, from home, in the car, or on the plane.


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Put your GlendaleBizz team to work today! We are experts at helping you navigate the development process to ensure complete project success. To help you achieve this, we offer;

Insightful Professionals
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Research, then Development
Friendly UX/UI Designs
On-Demand Delivery
Cost Effective Solutions
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iPhone & Android App Development Glendale

iPhone App Development Company Glendale

iPhone App Development Glendale

The number of apps being released on the Android platform is now greater than the iPhone, but the iPhone is only seconds behind. At GlendaleBizz, we develop mobile solutions in both iPhone and Android, and for good reason. 95% of our new mobile projects require cross-platform functionality. The remaining 5% are designed for small companies that control their employee’s phones and do not have external customers interfacing with the app. That said, cross-platform development is here to stay, which is why we begin every project by helping you choose which best-in-class solution works best, based on your timelines and budget.

Android App Development Company Glendale

Android App Development

The team at GlendaleBizz has been developing Android mobile apps for over a decade, and for companies of all sizes and industries, from specialty event planners to international wholesalers in the grocery industry, to dental and medical ambulatory services, we’ve done it all. So, whether you are looking to develop a mobile app for your sales force, create a mobile solution for online ordering, or just want to create a reporting tool so managers can view analytics in real-time, GlendaleBizz has the experience, the technical chops and the technical leadership needed to develop and support your mobile project. Call us today to learn more.

Mobile App Development Company Glendale

iOS App Development

The team at GlendaleBizz has been developing mobile apps since 2009, at a moment in history when mobile apps still had not become “a thing”. Since then, we’ve amassed tens of thousands of hours of experience, experience used by our project managers, project owners, programmers, project leads, testers, and everyone else associated with a project. So, whether your solution requires native development in Objective C, Open GL ES, Swift, Core Graphics, Wire Atlas, along with many others, our team of knowledgable professionals has the experience and technical know-how to design, develop and deploy your next great mobile project.

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