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Are you ready to be ranked on page 1? GlendaleBizz is an SEO service provider agency in Arizona, and when you want to be ranked #1 in the Google search results for your company’s keywords, Call GlendaleBizz. These are trying times. Between the global pandemic, shifts in retail buying habits, advances in robotics, as well as how and where people work, you need a solution beyond the noise that allows consumers and clients to find you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) achieves two distinct goals. The first is helping your company’s website rank higher than the page 10 or 20 ranking position and into the coveted page 1 or 2 ranking placement on Google and other major search engines. The second is growing a consistent, sustainable number of leads/prospects that, whether through e-mail, live-chat or inbound calls, can locate your website and make that critical first contact.

According to a Forbes article published in March 2020, “… 84% of the millennial respondents said they don’t like advertising (and many of them don’t trust it). It seems that many of this generation of buyers are becoming more resistant to traditional tactics like cold calling, email spam and even paid ads“. The article goes on to say “But with SEO, businesses can reach this demographic where they are already looking for brands — search engines. SEO works as a form of inbound marketing that attracts customers to you rather than interrupting their natural scrolling with pushy sales tactics.

Reach Your Business Goals with Glendale SEO

Reach Your Business Goals with Glendale SEO

SEO specialists know how to analyze, review and implement changes to your website so that the site is "fully optimized", this so it can be both seen and better ranked by the major search engines. This begins with by first getting your site indexed so it is can rank well on the first few pages of Google search, based of course on the optimal keywords used for your business. Over the next three to six month cycle, our experts continue optimizing, reviewing, and making needed changes to your site. This can require anywhere from a few hours a week to significant daily effort. It all depends on your Google score, the length of time your site has been established, your domain authority, to name a few. With a clearly defined roadmap, some patience, and an understanding that content reigns supreme, it won't be long before suddenly you find your website ranking on page 1 of a Google search.

Website Visibility

There's a simple reason everyone wants to rank on Google, and it's based on the number 90. This number represents the volume of all GLOBAL search traffic on the web, and Google owns 90% of it. Now consider this. If you conduct a search for "best pizza near me", of all the search results that come up (and it will be thousands), 70% of consumers will decide which pizza place to call from the first two pages of search results. You know what means -- if you are not on Page 1 or 2 of the search results, you will not meet your online marketing goals. So, whether you are selling pizza, baby strollers, or financial consulting services, your SEO strategy must be specific, geo-targeted, and well-executed.

Quality Traffic

The beauty of SEO is that unlike other "push" forms of marketing, like paid ads, direct mail, television ads, and other forms of advertising, consumers love SEO because they only receive the information when "pull" or ask for it in their Google searches. That's the value... your company is found only when a consumer/customer is searching for you, at the exact moment they want to find you, and if you're not, it's your competition who will get the call first.

Higher ROI, Lower Costs

We hear small businesses sometimes say, why is SEO so expensive, and our response is, how much is a new customer or client call worth? SEO isn't for everyone. If you're selling paper clips or t-shirts, SEO might not work, but even then it can be cost-effective, especially if your business is in a smaller geographic marketplace. When you consider that ad spends on television and radio can cost tens of thousands of dollars, SEO can prove a viable alternative source for new business. It allows for a much higher ROR over other forms of marketing. It also explains why SEO is so popular -- it works.

Beat the Competition

It might be a long-term race but it's always a daily sprint. Each day, every small business, whether B2c or B2b, must find cost-efficient ways that facilitate getting found, and the fastest path to achieving that is through SEO. As competition increases and the marketplace expands, one strategy that works consistently is SEO, and nowhere will you find a company more ready and able to help than GlendaleBizz.

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Our Approach to SEO Glendale

SEO rules are in a constant state of flux, and for a thousand good reasons. Between changes in the marketplace, continual changes to the Google ranking site ranking and authority, as well as continual changes in the marketplace, can make SEO appear daunting. However, with GlendaleBizz, we help you craft a viable, easy to follow plan designed with the right tactics and within your budget to ensure people searching your company’s keywords can find you on Page 1 of the Google search results.


Keyword Research

If pixie dust gives you wings, finding the right keywords land you on page 1 of a Google search -- every time. At GlendaleBizz, we understand what it takes to optimize your website, gain a higher domain authority score, and rank at the highest possible position on the major search engines, and won't need any pixie dust.


Competition Analysis

As part of an overall campaign strategy, we provide you with a Competitor Keyword Analysis (CKA), used to determine what keywords are being used by your competitor's ad campaigns, and how you can capitalize on the report findings.


SEO Audit Report

Every website can be optimized. This is why our SEO specialists will guide you through the issues and opportunities to improve your site's ranking. In fact, we do the same thing on GlendaleBizz every month, which is how you most likely arrived on this page at this exact moment you did.


On Page Optimization or site optimization

To ensure the best possible on-page optimization, we strategize with you and your team to identify current market trends based on your specific market niche. We then apply what we've learned to your site's content, metadata, and keyword search content.


Link Building and off-page optimization

Link building, done properly, and with outstanding source content, as well as producing a solid backlink analysis for your website helps produce the needed roadmap to elevate your site's overall domain score, produce more relevancy, and most importantly, rank higher.


Monitor ranking and keep updating content

Large media outlets know that to maintain their ranking, they must continually create and add relevant, fresh, and specific content. Websites are no different. The better your content... the more relevant your site will rank on Google, and the more relevant your content, the higher your ranking position.

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